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Hidden Agenda

The Hidden Agenda Band has its own sound. The band members are all influenced by The Motown Sound, R & B and smooth Jazz. One of the strongest rhythm sections around, Rick Mickens and David Freeman bring strong Church rhythms to the mix. When you add that to top 40 or Funk, Rock, or even country you get a very unique sound. When Kat plays her horn with so much soul and Jeff Campbell, the newest member of HA, lays down a jazz feel on top, the possibilities are endless. Larry Pinho adds “electrifying” solos to give the band it's flavor while Drummer, Dave, lays down the funky groove.

Having a male and female lead singer makes this band stand apart from the rest. Marshall Allen is the consumamate entertainer connecting with the audience as only he can. He offers various stylings of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Jeffery Osborn. Marshall nails the vocals of Bill Withers and Lou Rawls, so much so that the band has been accused of faking it or lip-syncing. Kat's singing is reminiscent of Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin. Whether she sings, dances, plays the sax, flute or hamonica, the crowd is thoroughly engaged. It is very powerful when Kat and Marshall sing a duet.

This band is also exciting because they are wireless and totally "live". When they perform you will find yourself interacting with them and their music, singing and dancing along. If you're looking for a party band, this is it!