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Under The Red

From deep within the unlikely confines of Niagara Falls, Ontario, a Loud, gritty 
and raw sound had emerged in the form of a new hard rock band, Under the Red.

Playing a lethal fusion of hard rock, punk style music, the band is fronted by the beautiful and 
lively Miss Lacey Lennon, who's piercing vocals rock listeners to the core. She sings her poignant 
lyrics with a rare blend of passion, aggression and authenticity.

The bands sole guitar player Elvis Terryberry was born to rock! Aptly named, he plays with a 
refreshingly straightforward, yet soulful approach.

The rhythm section consists of Samael Ayin, a seasoned guitar and bass player whose solid, heavy, dirty and such proficient bass lines form the back bone of the band.

Drummer Mark Cutts manic energy is infectious. He captivates the crowd with his dynamic, 
hard hitting, skin denting, stick breaking style.

The bands rapidly rising fan base has exceeded 90K views on facebook, following the release of their 3 songs Diamond Heart, Covetous and Gross.

Soon to be Niagara's newest and most deadly attraction, get ready for " UNDER THE RED"

Lacey Lennon
Mark Cutts 
Elvis Terryberry
שָּׂטָן אין סמאל