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Ur Girlfriend

UR Girlfriend is..... -fun -rockin' -in ur face -non-committed -crazy -unpredictable!!

Meet the guys that are in UR Girlfriend (and who they have fooled around with before).....

Sean Spencley (Chalkface/Picked Clean) - Guitars and Whammy Bar Expert

Shane Christopher Neal (Fuse Box/Picked Clean/Session Drummer) - Pots and Pans

Bobby Rock (Fuse Box/BOOM/Funhouse) - The Voice/Screamer

Colin Wolff (Sour Puss/Step Echo/Common Ground/Limitless) - 4 Sting G String Special Bass)

Upcoming Shows

31 March
Ur Girlfriend with CRUTCH at Golden Brothers 10 PM - 2 AMLocation: Welland